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The day I was told something is wrong with your child was the start of my journey. Our son, Preston, was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. As I began embracing the autism lifestyle, it led me to live a more meaningful life of awareness, acceptance, and a complete shift in perspective. The choice to grow from the trials and tribulations I was facing daily brought me to my purpose. I believe purpose comes in pieces from God alone.


My calling is to share my journey although there is still a long road ahead. The earlier a parent can find acceptance and start to understand autism, the earlier the intervention can begin. Pieces of Me includes a beneficial toolbox of tips on self care, anxiety, and academics to support parents along their journey. Autism is not a one size, fits all. Every child is unique. Each family dynamic is completely distinct. Every journey of autism is quite different. A puzzle can be a bit of a mystery but filled with wonder at the same time. How will the many different pieces complete the picture? Every piece is necessary and fits somewhere. Pieces of Me is a faith-filled parenting book demonstrating how the pieces of our lives are intentionally woven together to bring connection and find the blessings in the middle of the messy.

Pieces of Me is now available to purchase! See Home Page for information.
Link to purchase on Amazon is now live! 

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