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Sibling Growth

This week our daughter received the Acceptance award at her school. When I asked her about what it meant, she responded that she accepts all kids for who they are. This means more than any grade or trophy she could get. This award made me feel so proud because it lets me know that maybe we are doing something right in this parenting thing. Then it got me thinking about the impact that Preston has made on our other two children. They have learned to accept that all kids do not have to fit into a box. I hear about them standing up for other kids who are different and always trying to make others feel included. I think about how having Preston in their lives has made them more compassionate and kind leaders. They include others because they want others to include their brother. They stand up for kids because they do not want others to make comments about their brother. At a young age, they have learned sacrifice and to overcome their disappointments in the moment because of their brother. They have taken trainings on how to help their brother. They are going to change the world because of what Autism has taught them. This makes me the proudest mom!


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